Pancake Prediction 8km Run
Predict your finish time. Run your 8km on a gravel road (without any timing device). The person who comes closest to guessing their actual time wins, regardless of their finish line placing.
10am, April 7, 2018
at "The Ark"

Trail Racing at the Mad Trapper has always prioritized participation, a sense of community, fun and food over hardcore competition. The key factors why we started all our races. The Mad Trapper Pancake Prediction epitomizes those values to the fullest!

We aimed to give our participants the best time of their lives. Not only through fun and exciting challenges but also through unique trail running events and also with our special mad trapper maple syrup. 

In this trail racing event, the winner is not the fastest or the runner who finishes the course first overall, but rather the runner who best guesses his/her final race time. This is an 8km, out and back, undulating gravel road course that participants will run without access to any form of timing device. 

If the first place finisher finishes in a time of 28:00, but prior to the start, guessed a time of 30 minutes, then his time is off by 2 minutes. 

If the 54th place finisher finishes in a time of 54:05, but guessed a finish time of 54:00, then that person’s time is only off by 5 seconds. And this 54th place finisher will mostly likely be the overall winner with a time difference of only 5 seconds! 

Mad Trapper races are legendary when it comes to our post race food, but in this event we take it to a whole new level, with pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, all dripping in our very own Mad Trapper Maple Syrup! After the event, racers get to socialize with fellow racers. This way, not only that you were able to get through trail running events, but also get to meet new friends . 

This trail racing is limited to 60 racers, so don’t delay. If you want to participate in the tastiest race of the year, be sure to REGISTER NOW!

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